Monday, December 20, 2010

Ohiopyle (Meadow Run) Conditions

Today I stopped to check conditions at Lower and Upper Meadow Run today.  Overall, Lower Meadow is looking bleak.  The short supply of ground water is keeping the ice from forming here.  Good news is that there IS ice forming on the start to an awesome looking route that I've tried several times over the years.  Its in the middle of the overhang between Anger Management (L) and Captain Caveman (R).  It comes out the steepest, longest part of the roof.  The seep coming down the short face below the roof is almost ready for some action.  I think by next week this line will be ready to try.  Please don't knock down the icicle that is almost connected to the Rhodie.  This is the start to the route.

Just about ready to go.  Next weeks line?
The rest of the lines are looking thin, but as you can see in the picture, the finish to Anger Management is looking great for any aspiring senders.  Now is the best time to do it.  Captain Caveman is also in great condition, but the extension hanger isn't formed up enough to support body weight.  Soon enough.

Hemlock is looking thin, but climbable after a thin start.

Walking up to the thin start of Hemlock WI3
The Main pillar is in horrible shape for the amount of cold that we've had.  I wouldn't recommend it to anyone at this point.  Don't waste your time if you're planning on coming here to climb the normal ice lines, they don't exist yet.

On a positive note.  Upper Meadow Run is looking very good so far.  The School Yard has a very nice flow for most everyone.  Its forming an nice gully runnel just to the right of the normal ice lines.  It appears to be thick enough for any length screws.  Get it while its good.  Here's a photo of School Yard area.

The "NEW" right runnel that usually doesn't form
The steep mixed climbs in the cave are good for dry tooling, but the ice doesn't appear to be long enough for body weight or use.  So if you're into the upside down antics give it a little more time and they should be good for some tries.  Above all, the best part of climbing at Upper Meadow is how beautiful the area is.  Come out to Southwestern PA for some great winter climbing.

The beautiful setting at Upper Meadow Run with the Amphitheater on the right

Another photo looking out of  the cave

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