Monday, March 7, 2011

New Video from Wildfilm Productions

Amphitheater II

Our good friend Ray Burnsworth of Wildfilm productions put together a short clip of Upper Meadow Amphitheater.  A huge thanks goes out to Rayman for the efforts and great clip. Follow the link from here to view or click on the image above.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

WHAT... There's still ice

Just when I thought it was over. Ice season had ended.   Low and behold there's (a little) more.  We were given a bit of good news the other day.  Laura caught wind from a good friend of ours that there was still some climbable ice if we were interested.  Of course we were.  He told her of a still fat 20' pillar tucked away in a shaded little nook.  She called to tell me right away.  Other than some mixed stuff with poorly bonded "snice" we really haven't had much climbable ice in a few weeks due to the heavy rains and unseasonable warm temperatures.  Eagerly we made the half hour approach to see if we could squeeze in one more ice climb.  Sure enough there was a short 20' pillar with a mixed exit that was still in good condition.  Granted it wasn't a rope stretcher by any means, but it sure was fun to get on a little more ice.  It was smooth and lovely (a little hollow), but amazing compared to anything I'd seen in a while now.  Not to mention that it was a beautiful day for a walk in the woods.  A much appreciated thanks goes out to the searching samurai that gave us the tip on this little beauty.  Here's a few pictures of our fun outing.

As we set out.  I'll admit I was doubtful

a little break for the passing trains, will there be ice?

Here's what we found.  Hard to believe!

Laura finishing a screw unaware of the muck that lies ahead
On the ride home we stopped to check
 out other ice enthusiasts