Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Late day, light breezes

Hot and sunny it was!  Spent the day in Ohiopyle hanging out and soaking up sun on the rocks.  I wanted to wait until late afternoon to get started setting up for evening photos.   I had a hard time finding my mojo and getting into the groove, but after a slow start I ended up with a few nice pieces.  Each had to be set up two or three times due to the breeze that kicked up.  As soon as I felt the wind, I closed my eyes and waited for the ker-plunk of rocks falling into the water.  Fortunately the breeze calmed and I was able set up a couple of balances and shoot photos up until dark.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ohiopyle Rock Balancing

Here are a few photos of rocks that I balanced at Ohiopyle State Park on Wednesday July 30th.  I spent most of the day balancing rocks upstream a few hundred yards from the main falls.  First time I did any balancing here.  Definitely some cool offerings from the river to work worh.  Quite a few interesting people  stopped by to watch whatever it was that I was doing.  Again almost everyone seemed to enjoy the experience and had positive comments up until I took them down.  The disappointment was abound... Such is the short lived life of balanced rock art.

Here's a few from down in Connellsville from the same day.  I thought the mixed media was fun to explore.