SWPA Trail Running Challenges

Welcome to the Laurel Highlands Trail Running Challenges online resource.  The one stop spot for trail running routes in South Western PA.

One of the many cascades nestled deep in the Laurel Highlands
South Western PA is home to some pretty amazing trail running.  The most popular running trail is the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail, home to the Laurel Highlands Ultra 70.5 mile race.  This once a year event brings several hundred runners from all over the world to challenge themselves over this 70.5 mile, point to point trail .  Some come to race others to endure the distance.  This is just one of the offerings the Laurel Highlands holds.  Being a true "local" I've enjoyed all the trails here for a number of years exploring much of the Laurel Highlands.  I've always like challenging myself on different "routes" through our mini mountains.  While not the monsters of Western US and Europe, they still pack enough punch to get the average runner's heart pumping.  I've enjoyed these runs so much, I thought I'd share some of my favorite challenges with all you trail runners out there.  I've created a page for each challenge providing as much information and "guidelines" as possible.  I hope the information I've given entices you to come try some of these great runs we've put together.  If you complete a challenge please email your name, route and time to share your success!

LHHT "Heart Attack Hill" MP8-6-8 Challenge (4 miles)

Tiny Tulip Traverse (5 miles)

Roaring RUN Trail Run (7.5 miles)

Momma's Bitchin' 50K Challenge (32 miles)

LHHT "Single" (70.5 miles)

Please check back soon for more challenges!

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  1. Great info here! I am Northeast Ohio (Akron area) trail runner and was looking for something new but relatively close by. I was hoping to drive out there soon and do a 20 miler or so. If you had to pick the most scenic part of the trail where would you tell an "out-of-towner" to go? Thanks!