Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Irishtown Mixed Route, Dirty-T M4+

Laura Hahn seconding the new route Dirty-T M4+
Laura and I put up a new mixed line at Irishtown.  Its located  a hundred feet or so left of Dynamite.  There is a line of ice in between the two mixed lines named Pale Wildwood Ice Tower - WI4.  Its not quite in yet, but should be touching down by mid next week.   Dirty T M4+.  It climbs up through some ledges and face passing 3 bolts.  Climb up through a small overlap to the ice and finish it up with turf to the trees.  Lots of fun climbing for almost anyone.  Great introduction for the climber looking to combine rock and ice.

Pulling up onto the ice

Top of the ice section

Turf to the top
 The route name came from all the dirt that came off of the cliff and ended up all over me.  It started out with me being clean and the route being dirty and ended with me being dirty and the route being clean.  Enjoy!

Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
Ancient ice tool used by the Irishtownian ice climbing tribe 

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