Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dynamite M6 First Ascent

Putting work into Dynamite M6

Recently I wrote about a mixed climb that I had top roped last season.  It was a fun line that I thought was worth investing some time and effort into.  In recent days I spent some time equipping the route and giving it a few tries with State College climber and friend Joel Torretti.  Early season and tired arms shut me down several times.  With a night of rest I managed to get it.  This new climb at Irishtown crag in Dunbar is now officially named Dynamite and is roughly M6.  Yesterday my faithful partner Laura accompanied me to video, belay and motivate me for the send.  With several days pump and some sheer determination I sent.   I decided to put a short clip together to show everyone the climb.  I hope this motivates more folks to come join in the great winter climbing that Southwestern PA has to offer.  This is my first ever attempt at doing any video work, so any feedback is appreciated.  click here and enjoy the clip!

My newly created helmet art

Tomorrow should be an incredible day.  Its Laura and my first day back at the local big ice playground.  Laura and I are so excited to get our first pure ice day in (maybe).  Rumor has it that ice climbing hardman and old buddy Chip Kamin will be joining us for some tool swinging at some of the biggest local ice he's ever climbed.  Dr. Bob, Regina, Felipe, Laura and myself are planning for some big fun on the best looking early season ice in 10 years.  Of note, last year I witnessed an incredible mixed line form that I hadn't seen in other years.  If its in tomorrow, I think I may have to investigate.  Stay tuned for the details!

Projected corner line (last season)  -  Ohhhh, Ahhhhhhhh!

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