Monday, December 27, 2010

After Christmas climbing

I ended up climbing the day after Christmas.  I was supposed to work, but in the A.M. I started receiving calls from everyone that they were going climbing.  I couldn't resist... I packed my gear and set off to go climbing.  We had a great day.  It was 14 degrees very windy and snowing.  I'll give a quick recap of the days events and throw in a few photos.  Mike Royer had an exciting day with an inverted lead fall on the pillar right of G-Gully.  No injuries and in good fashion, he got collected, went up and finished the climb.  Joel Toretti got on an impressive line to the left of Called on Account of Security.  Here's some photos of Joel in action.
Joel starting up his new line, Check out the early season formations

Joel mid route  (climbing, loving life, sheltered from the wind)
photog. freezing my ass off, not climbing, so I could take pics of Joel!

Hollow ice underneath?
I wasn't there 5 min until Joel started trash talking, so I had to finish The Awakening WI5 for him.  The route is currently in good condition with some delicate hooks near the top on marginal screws.  The rest of our crew enjoyed some top rope action on various other lines.   Chip Kamin's son Jason was in town for the holidays and got to enjoy some great on ice action with his dad.

What a great way to spend Christmas in SWPA.

Jason top roping Final Obligation WI5
   On a final note, After posting a pic of Joel climbing on NEice, I received a call from Ian out in Montana saying that the gems he's been seeking are in some serious avalanche danger zones and that we've got it good back here in the east.  I have to agree Ian and for your enjoyment heres the good stuff in its current condition.  Hope to see you and Josh this winter!

Mmmmmmm quality mixed!

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