Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 2 of the Season

After a day of rest, I decided to head back to Meadow Run and take on some more early sesaon punishment.  We pulled into the lot and were greeted by Regina and Felipe a newer partner of Regina's that had only been on ice 2 previous days at the end of last season. 

Phillipe and Regina enjoy some pre climbing nourishment
We spent the day on a new line to the right of Hemlock.  It had a rock start up until the end of the route which has a short easier section of ice.  Its seemed to be a nice warmup line and I think will make a nice addition to the numerous routes at this easy access crag.  We then moved onto Season Finale which went pretty smooth, then Laura and I each took a turn on Main Pillar right which was mostly verglas and rock moves up to a final short pillar.  Laura then took a lap on the Main Pillar left, which Regina and Phillipe were running laps on.  Laura smoothed it. I finished my day by taking a run on Captain Caveman.  Again the climb went smoother than expected.  The final curtain isn't very well formed, which makes the exit moves considerably easier than when the curtain is low enough  to get on.  I took out most of the serious daggers and by next weekend it should be in good shape. 

NOTE:  The fixed draws on all Lower Meadow Run routes were nabbed over the summer, so  make sure to bring draws if you're planning on doing these lines.

Some Random Photos
Phillipe - third ice day ever
Regina enjoying her first day of the season
Wake up Timmy... Time to climb

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  1. My pictures from Friday and Sunday here:

    We missed you Sunday! We got pretty soaked, and didn't last too long...