Monday, December 20, 2010

First real day on ice

Sunday we spent the day at our favorite ice playground.  We were joined by Dr. Bob, Regina, Felipe, Chip and several others.  The weather was reasonable holding at about 10 degrees with some snow showers throughout the day.
Everyone eyeing the conditions
Routes are coming  in nicely, but most big lines need a little more time.  The crew decided to drop top ropes on G-Gully WI4+, Final Obligation WI5 and Son of Beast WI5+.  Everyone enjoyed pumping out and running laps on the early season, steep, candlesticked lines.

While the others rigged ropes, etc.  Laura and I started our season with Called on account of security WI4.  Its currently in very nice condition and but took mostly short screws. This year, there's even some ice at the start making it easier than its usual rock start.  Here are a few photos that I took of Laura on our first ice route of 2010/11. We both enjoyed the line very much.  Apparently Laura really had fun as she was giggling and smiling as she reached the anchors.

From the belay, Laura coming up Called on account of security WI4

Further up the route - Called on account of Security WI4

Final lip of Called on account of Security WI4
By next weekend we should have some really steep filled in lines.  We all had a blast despite Felipe's tooth incident.  Good Luck on your climbing trip to Thailand Felipe.  Hope your tooth is OK.  See you when you get back.

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