Saturday, February 8, 2014

The aches and pains of new routes

Tom Thomas getting work done
Ugh, my kidneys are killin' me...  You're up... Were words heard frequently where local Pennsylvania climber Tom Thomas and myself set to work on rigging an incredible new mixed line.  After a quick breakfast at Valley Dairy in Connellsville, Tom and I set off to a line I showed him last week.  We spent the better part of the day pulling off aid moves that go against "common" practice and drilling from awkward positions.  Not that I recommended this, but in a pinch the bottom rests of Petzl Nomics will support body weight aid moves if done while thinking that you're lighter than you actually are... Also, All rests on the two tools incorporated with a 48" sling can be used to z drag traverse in some instances as I learned yesterday.  

How not to use Nomics
Here are various photos of us at work;

Tom, aided like a champ through some manky pins to gain a crucial point towards getting the project done.  It was a hell of an effort and when it was all said and done we were far, far to spent to even give it a go.  Tom offered to clean our work lines and top out, which is way harder than I could describe in a few words.  I bore the task of hiking all the kit (well over 100lbs.) back up to the car.  I'm not sure who had the harder task, but in the end we were grinning.  After we recover from the aches and pains of setting this new line... We'll give it a well deserved go.
Yes, there are harder lines... Much harder!
Where is this magic line?  Either one of us would be happy to tell you... in person out at the crags.  Happy climbing!

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  1. Nice pictures. Beautiful colors. What does this overhang look like in the summer? Solid? Seepage? Any chance You will be climbing at the Knobs this summer? I've read the directions many times and I'm not exactly sue how to get there (hiking portion). Thanks.