Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mixed up in Ohiopyle

Yesterday around a foot of snow fell on the Laurel Highlands blanketing the forest in white fluff.   This morning I decided to head to Ohiopyle for the return of winter and revisit a route that needed a little equipping.  Needless to say, the route is named Open Mouth and will fall in around M6.   Sadly I didn't get much work done due to technical circumstances outside my control.  After work came to a hault, I opted to climb it on top rope.  The climb felt as akward and quirky as the last time I was on it.  This one looks rather easy from the ground, but proves to be a little less  than straight forward.  Can't wait to finish this one and see folks enjoying it.  Below is photo of me trying to get this thing rigged.

Most of the lines are in at Lower Meadow Run.  The pure ice routes are a little wet and building.  Water was running and making things bigger on Main Flow WI3 and Hemlock WI4-.  Anger Management M6 looks great and would feel a bit soft given the ice formation.  Caveman M6 looks awesome as well.  The Flows 2+ are fat.  Things are looking good despite the warm up over the weekend.  Most of the mixed climbs are in the best shape they've been in years.  Caveman extension M7 would most likely go in its current state, for sure by the weekend!  Come out to Ohiopyle and enjoy the great ice and mixed lines...


  1. Looks good Tim! Glad to see you are able to get out this year. If it sticks around a trip may be in order.