Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday excitement!

The plan today was to finish equipping Open Mouth at Lower Meadow.  Check!  Complete with 2 bolts and open shuts.  Might need another bolt, time will tell.  It was snowing a very wet snow that had me soaked by the time I was done working.  We wanted to check conditions elsewhere, so we packed up with plans to come test out the new hardware tomorrow.

We drove up to the ridge where the weather was a little worse than Ohiopyle. Here's a few photos from our walk to check conditions.

After our short, but fun hike to check conditions, we ended up meeting our good buddy Ray Burnsworth at Bud Murphy's in Connellsville for some dinner. A few minutes after Ray showed up in walks JJ Fiesta and his girlfriend Chrissy. They sat in the booth behind us and we chatted with them a few minutes.  Then we noticed the life of the party Big Bad Bill Fiesta walking around the bar looking a little tuned already.  We gave him a shout and he joined our little C'ville reunion.  What followed was a few hours of laughter, pizza, beers, 7 shots of Firewater for Laura and even some karaoke.  What an awesome Sunday!

Yesterday Ray passed along these conditions photos of the South Connellsville Rod and Gun Club.  Figured I post them for all to enjoy!

Down range Wall

Pistol Whipped Wall

Skymonkey Wall

Definitely some sick stuff making an appearance on the Pistol Whipped Wall this year.  This looks like the year to enjoy some new lines here!  I believe that'll take care of plans for Wednesday...  Thanks for the photos Rayman!

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