Thursday, January 7, 2010

SWPA ice conditions & report

SWPA Conditions for the weekenders - OHIOPYLE STATE PARK, Lower Meadow Run - Main Flow L & R WI3, Both IN and leadable. Hemlock WI3+ IN with a thin start, Season Finale M6 ice start IN fat, Anger Managment M6+ IN ice start and finish, Captain Caveman M7+ IN, Both previous routes are now equipped with fixed draws for those looking to work them. Please be courteous to others and leave them there. Lower Meadow Warmup WI2 IN. Upper Meadow Cascades WI3+, Thin definately top ropeable, Confluence Most likely very thin. Let us know if you venture in. SO. C'VILLE ROD & GUNCLUB, Caveshot WI4+ IN, N.R.A. WI5 Questionably IN - Very wet and not well formed. Laura and I put up a new mixed start that comes in from the right. It goes up through several rock placements to the base of the final pillar. Final pillar was VERY wet. I took a fall and ripped a screamer when my crampons suddenly sheered through the semi-frozen snotsicles on the last 30' of the climb. Bring snorkel... Internet Connection M6+ OUT, Skymonkey WI5 OUT, Apline Ascent Gully M2/3 IN. [b]IRISHTOWN, Mouth of Madness WI5- Forming up nicely, The Prow WI4 M3 IN, Upper Tier - No report. Hope this help in making a decision. These are the areas I've checked either today or yesterday. Questions on other areas, get in touch. Here are a few photos from the GUN CLUB today.


  1. raymondburnsworth@zoomintJanuary 8, 2010 at 4:25 PM

    Was out at the Gun Club around 5pm tonight. At least a foot of snow on the ground and the Yough River now ice dammed up past 'Hixon Hole' and beyond - as far as you can see. Saw some earlier (today) Yeti tracks and possible mate - was hard to tell with fresh snowcover. Wall was formed as typical, but I would have been disappointed. No Water! Have seen this before, though. Excellent base now formed (lots of moisture in the air here on out) Need one good thaw to get the water flowing, then back to freeze thaw conditions (typical February) and back to 2003-2004. Have seen the exact opposite as well, however - did a ton of climbing prior to Christmas one year (similar conditions), was paddling all February in 40-50 degree temperatures and thaw. I'm hopin' for the prior for you guys. So for now, still 'eatin' hog' down in the Flatlands. As a side note, I'll bet Layton Falls looks pretty good about now. The main flow is a stream and within' the leading ability of anyone I know (3 - 3+). Some good thin 4+ stuff on the right wall as well, if any water flows down there anymore. I'm not drivin'/hikin' down to look, though.

  2. Tim, Looking to do some Ice climbing. I see you know where all the spots are. Do you have a list of spots and their direction. Thanks Tim..