Friday, January 29, 2010

Thug life and ice conditions!

I'm sure my skis have been feeling neglected due to all the ice climbing, so with miserable ice conditions I decided to treat them to some time on the snow.  I spent the last week hanging out in the Terrain Parks at Seven Springs  We went up for some sessions of body battering and severe pain infliction a.k.a. (Jibbing) For those not in the know jibbing is freestyle skiing (doing stunts) on man made obstacles like hand rails, boxes and many other items.  Similar to what skateboarders do in the citys, but on snow skis at ski resorts see the link.  Fun Stuff!   Skiing was cold and windy most days, but with the recent build of The Spot, it was worth cold digits.  They've built the half pipe, jump line and set up two tiers of new rails.  What can I say...  They did a great job and things are sweet.  Each day the weather was foul on one side of the mountain or other.  So we got to spend a couple days each sessioning The Alley and The Spot.  Today with seriously sore legs and many other body parts, I decided it was time to take a break from the parks and check conditions to see how the ice rebuild was going.  I can happily report that the ice has rebonded to the walls in most places and is looking good for the weekend.  Here are some photos of current conditons.

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