Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dry tooling? More like wet tooling!

Laura and I had a few hours to get out today.  Her shoulder is still bothering her from the other day when she hit her shoulder on Anger Management and didn't want to climb, but eagerly volunteered to belay me if I wanted to climb.   I opted to head to Upper Meadow again to see how much ice was left and work on our new line there.  Upon arrival, we saw that the main ice pillar (finish of the climb) had fallen.  As we expected, it fell in towards the cave.  The other columns were still standing and/or hanging.  My first assesment was that it was a little sketchy i.e. dangerous to be in there.  Since we made the drive, I figured I'd give it one go.  We hurried up and got ready.  I started up the route, Sunday's ice was now seriously unbonded crap.  I worked up through to the rock.  I attempted to use some of the ice, but as expected I sent it crashing down towards Laura.  When I felt the ice go I had her take me up.  She was positioned out of the way and was fine.  I pulled back on and continued up hitting each hook.  I finished my burn at the lip with water pouring down my neck.  Laura took me up and I lowered off.  We took a few pics and hiked out, bidding the ice farwell.  I can't wait for winters return and a chance to climb this fun new mixed line.  By then my I should have my new Lowa "fruit boots".  I can't wait to give 'em a go.   Look out sucka!!!

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