Monday, April 28, 2014

The good is in the woods!

The Hemlocks - bouldering area
The weather has been really good and I've been running (a lot) and climbing (a bunch).  The climbing has mainly been bouldering with Laura and the local squad.  All kinds of new stuff is being explored and established.  Here are some photos from the last couple days here in SWPA!

Awesome Boulder Right - center view
Awesome Boulder Right - left end view
We first climbed this one Easter Day
Overlook on McCune trail
The River Valley in Ohiopyle State Park
Carolina Spring Beauties blooming on Sugarloaf
A cool boulder out in the woods. A little scrubbing is all it takes
Laura on Red Hill Rest Block
The steep approach trail up to The Campfire Problem
Laura eyeing up The Campfire Problem
Laura in front of  Dead in My Head, Fear and Loathing Block
The super fun, One Toke Over the Line on Fear and Loathing 
Our next stop...
This last boulder doesn't look like much in the photo.  I assure you it's taller than it looks.  I'm pretty sure it'll produce some real gems.  Can't wait to get on it when it dries up from all the rain.  I'll post some photos that do it justice next time.  

PS Lots of ticks out in the woods recently,  make sure to check yo self after playing outdoors...

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  1. Separately, my family wondered...

    1) Who are these people with mattresses on their backs walking through Laurelville?
    2) Who are these people who are always at the top of the eBird lists for Westmoreland County?

    Then we did some searching and found out that they are the same people.

    There was a mini-explosion of warblers at Laurelville today, so you might want to come back! If we see you, we'll wave.