Saturday, April 19, 2014

RUN to the boulders

The Main Block
I've primarily been focusing my training on running recently due to upcoming challenges I've laid out for myself.  Despite being running focused, the woods are beautiful right now.  The rocks are dry, perfect for climbing and calling my name.  The other day I decided to take advantage of both and go for a run to some local boulders where there's a crash pad stashed, have a session, then run home.  I loaded a small pack with shoes, brushes, chalk pot, and some refreshments for breaks between boulders.  I  took the long way which turned out to be about 45 minutes of road running.  It was at a quick pace considering the gear I was carrying and definitely enough cardio to get my heart rate up.  I pulled out my stashed pad and had an awesome afternoon session revisiting some old classics we established in the early 1990's.  

Here's a video of the classic problem my good friend Matt Johns and I put up called Cheesypoofs - V4.  Enjoy the vast amount of exposed leg... running shorts work well for bouldering (alone)

Cheesypoofs V4
Main Block, right side
The Pyramid
The best thing I can report is that if you watch the video, I stick the lip using my right (bad) shoulder.  Slowly, but surely its getting healthier.  I hope the healing continues and I can once again use my shoulders like I did before they were injured.  Climb High, Run Far...


  1. Thanks for posting this Tim. So cool to see those boulders again, such good stuff. I still dream about that arete!!

  2. Where is this boulder? It looks beautiful.