Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter hits the Laurel Highlands

Welcome indeed!
Well it looks like the winter weather has hit the Laurel Highlands and should get the Pennsylvania ice climbing season underway.  So far its been scratching at rock with little to no ice.  The cold weather hit and within 24 hours I had the itch to go see what I could find.  Here's a brief photo report for SWPA ice climbing conditions as of January 3rd.  I plan to head out Thursday and check again to see how things will shape up for the weekend.  Stay tuned...

Ohiopyle State Park
Lower Meadow Run has mixed options already. Both Caveman and Anger
Management are climbable. 

The upper, right end of Lower Meadow
still has a long way to go.
Upper Meadow has little to no ice but is building. The
mixed lines should be climbable soon.

Son of Beast is building fast
Final Obligation and The Awakening

Hard to see, but a potential cool new line!

The Infinite and SICK-le

Dynamite about ready to go, this weekend if the weather holds.
Could currently be climbed, but would better with more ice

Dirty T with a thin ice ribbon the whole way down.  Looks fun!

This one could be fun soon.  Not a route yet!

Mouth of Madness and The Prow both need a lot more ice

I'll leave you again with another one of those very questionable eerie things you find in the backwoods of SWPA.  This is somebody's yard art.  Meaning unknown...  Awesome!

Happy Climbing!

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