Friday, January 13, 2012

Cold temps and solo adventures

I have to admit when the forecast showed the temperatures dropping from 50°F down into the teens overnight I was a little skeptical.  I woke this morning to the thermometer displaying a healthy 16°.  Thats all the motivation I need... I loaded up my haul bag with a full kit for new routing (about a hundred pounds of gear for those that have never been involved in routing).  I'd rather be heading out to climb, but with the weak local climbing community and Laura at school daily, I guess solo stuff will start to be my norm.  Its taking a while to adjust from having a daily partner to being partnerless most of the time.  I guess this is the right winter to be partnerless as the ice still hasn't really made a good appearance.  I'm headed out to equip a new mixed line that will most likely only see an ascent or two due to the lack of climbers and abilities.  How sad!  Hopefully the cold weather will get the climbs formed up and bring a few climbers from outside the region to make climbing life better!  Don't get me wrong, there's a lot to climb but very few willing to get after it.  The story has been the same for years.  MOTIVATED CLIMBERS are NEEDED in SWPA!  Potential exists but climbers willing to do anything about it don't!

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  1. I live in Boswell pa, have my own ice gear, tele gear, trad rack, and a desire to be climbing but like you, as of late, lack a constant climbing partner. If you have any interest in a climbing partner let me know. or check out my blog