Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is winter season over in SWPA?

There's still ice at Upper Meadow.
If you don't mind it being a little detached.
Here's what's left of the Schoolyard climbs.
The warm weather sure has put a hurting on our local ice.  The winter season has ended for most local tool swinging folks, but Laura and I have been making the most of the ice still left.  The recent below freezing temps and snowfall has helped to prolong our climbing just a bit.  We thought all hope was lost, but low and behold we squeezed in a few more days of winter climbing since my last post.  We spent a few days at Lower Meadow Run in Ohiopyle.  Up until yesterday most of the mixed lines were still climbable.  Many of the lines are running with a lot of water.  Anger Management was in great condition and offered great dry tooling up to the plastic ice at the finish.  We managed to climb Season Finale via the direct ice start in the AM only to see most of it come down by afternoon.  Yesterday was the last day we climbed.  There may be a little left, but I wouldn't expect much.  If you're like us and don't want to hang up the tools just yet, get dry tooling.  We've got plenty of great choss climbing around to keep your forearms pumped until next season.

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