Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Conditions after the rains look good

Most "local" ice climbers are figuring that the season has just ended with all the rain.  What ice could be left? I'm happy to report the the community that most held in with minor damage. Here's a photo conditions report from today.  Hope this motivates you to come check out SWPA!
Irishtown, The Prow WI4, M3 a little washed, watch the top. 
Irishtown, Mouth of Madness WI5-
in slightly easier conditions.  The best its looked this season
Irishtown, Dynamite M6+, almost a drytool line.
Not much ice at the top.
Irishtown, Pale Wildwood Ice Tower WI4
makes another appearance
Irishtown, Dirty-T M4 is in great shape for a moderate mixed

Irishtown, Upper Wall, currently OUT
Possibly by next weekend it will rebond.
Upper Meadow Run, Ohiopyle State Park, School Yard WI4- to 3-
held up and is in great shape.
Upper Meadow Run Amphitheater  is looking good.
Upper Meadow Run, Ohiopyle State Park, Buckey's Line WI3+
This rare former is in good shape.  Watch the thick top out.
Lower Meadow Run, Season Finale M6 R is ready
Lower Meadow Run, Ohiopyle State Park, Main Flow WI3,
Anger Management M6 climbs up through the daggers, currently in great shape.
Lower Meadow Run, Caveman M7 the ice is a little short, but should go
Lower Meadow Run, The Flows WI2 still nice and thick

Other local ice conditions...

The Beast WI5+/6  formed more right due to wind.
Its tentacles are about grounded. Son of Beast WI5+ filled in nicely.
The Infinite WI5+ and The SICK-le WI6, M7
Still plenty of ice and new lines to be climbed...
So there it is.  There's still lots of ice in most areas.  The forecast looks promising for improving conditions.  Now is the time to climb.  The ice has finally become smooth and good sticks are easier now than in weeks past.  Get out and enjoy the great conditions we've been given.  If you have any questions about other local conditions or areas, drop me a line.  Hope to see you out there.  -Tim

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