Sunday, October 28, 2012

New online guides and route

Laura and I recently utilized a rest day and went to Schoolhouse to do crag work.  We focused our efforts on Metamorphosis 5.8.  It seemed somewhat contrived to me and the tree on the ledge has died making it unsafe for all.  So we hauled in the Woodz ninja kit (various power and hand tools) to remedy the problem.  Operating a chainsaw while hanging on a climbing rope is always fun...  I'm happy to report that it went well without incident.  I took out the dead tree and used it to create a bench at the bottom of the left end of the cliff.  The webbing is still around it for nostalgia.  I then proceeded to add 2 bolts to the route making the runout very reasonable for all.  After finishing, Laura and I decided to utilize the old rarely used 4th bolt of Metamorphosis to create a set of shuts for the finish of a new line Laura put up called Cry Me a River 5.6.  Its easily located between Metamorphosis and Firefly.  Its an easy 4 bolt line that finishes right below the large ledge.  See the description and location on my Ohiopyle Guide if you're unfamiliar with Schoolhouse crag.  Its fun to establish moderates for all to enjoy.  I hope it gets lots of use.

Thanks to recent rains, I also spent some time creating the online guides for Breakneck and The Knobs.  You can access them via the links at the top of this page.  Its the most detailed information ever done for either crag.  The information has been completed in a guidebook I was going to publish years ago, but decided not to do.  The good news is that now its FREE for you.  Check 'em out!


  1. You rock, Tim -- thanks so much for doing this!

  2. Good stuff Tim, Ohiopyle is already awesome and you keep making it better. Looking forward to getting out there soon.

  3. thanks for all your work Tim!