Monday, March 8, 2010

It's still ice season here! but for how long?

Went out at the crack of dawn to check conditions.  We still have plenty of ice (currently).  The next 5 days forcast to be really warm.  Not sure if  it'll hold to the weekend, but we'll see.  If there's ice we'll be climbing.  Here's a few photos of our outing this morning.

Sunrise through the forest

Laura ready to hike in, 22° and crust packed snow

Snowshoeing in.  Still 3'+ of snow under the packed surface

Walking down into the left wall.  Best overall shot we got this am.

Still lots of snow under there as I quickly learned

Please stay in, just a few more days.

Enjoying some "bouldering", couldn't resist!

That's the report on what it looked like today.  The past several weeks we've hardly seen any other climbers out despite the great late season conditions. We (L and I) know the end is near, but we're not ready to give up just yet!

 To our fellow ice climbers:  we hope you got out and enjoyed the great season we've had here this year in SWPA.  Laura and I had a great time climbing with friends old and new.  Thanks everyone for the great sesason and memories!  To our ice friends... see you next winter! To our rock friends... see you in a few days after we put the ice season to bed!

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