Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chillaxin' at Meadow Run

Laura and I decided to have an easy day.  So we spent the morning climbing a few lines at Lower Meadow Run in Ohiopyle State Park.  We warmed up with a lap on the Main Flow in very good conditions. If you look back to my post from Jan 29th and compare the photos, its pretty impressive how much ice built in just a few days.  

After our warm up, Laura wanted to try out her new picks on a mixed line.  She topped out on the Main Flow and went over and rigged a TR Season Finale.  She took her turn and made it up to her usual high point and came off.  Not bad for her first go. 

ROUTE NOTE:  Although this line has been top roped for years it has yet to see a lead ascent.   I've wanted to give this thing a whirl for quite a while, but the thuggish nature, poor rock quality and my inability to sack up has kept it as a someday kinda thing.  Well I decided its time to put it to rest.  So this time I decided to take gear with me and see if I could find reasonable gear to protect the route.  Well I successfully climbed it and placed the gear on TR.  I found 2 placements and 1 stubbie in 35'.  Goes like this,  first is the screw at the ice bulge (not necessary, but there),  next is a #5 BD micro at 15'.  Pump through the next 12' of crux to a good hook and a get the #.75 camalot.  Finish at anchors.  Falling while clipping the cam would most likely result in a grounder. Gonna take some EXTRA spinach to pull this one off.  Laura went again pulling the gear as she went up.  She did way better this go.  She made it  up to the cam without falling.  If she didn't have to stop to fuss with gear, I think she might've had it with no falls.  I'm anxious to to head back and give it a true attempt on lead. SEND or SPLAT!  Either way the photos should be good!  Since it was a mellow day for us, most of the photos are typical ass shots (we all know how much everyone loves those).  I've tried to include a few of the more interesting!


  1. I drove past the 'ice gauge' earlier - was pretty fat - weather lookin' good thru' next week - got a good deal on a ton of DVC - "Have Gun, Will Travel"
    Li'l Bu..Er..Laura's Secret Admirer

  2. Glad to hear you got them, Rayman in disguise. Did somebody say BIG BLUE, The Sick-le. What to try, what to try.